zoe ramirez
gita 2

about me

hi i'm zoe ramirez! this is my webpage for gita 2, i hope you like it! this year, we are learning html, css, and javascript. i'm currently a sophomore at brea olinda high school. the classes i'm taking this year aside from gita are precalculus, honors chemistry, honors english, chinese 2, and ap european history. i'm also on the varsity girls' basketball team. some of my hobbies include crafting, skiing, and hanging out with my friends. i hope to find a balance between maintaining a 4.0 gpa, playing basketball, and having fun. my hopes are to attend columbia university in new york, but i don't know what i'm going to major in yet. i think it's important to face your fears and take as many opportunities as you can, so that when you look back on it, you had a pretty fun life!

if you want to view my gita 1 website, click here


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